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The Canaries in the Economic Coal Mine


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Profit Taking Begins

 Market prices fell as traders started taking profits today.  I expect that we will continue to sideways or sideways for the next week or so as prices settle. Additional commentary from CNBC: “The Trump rally may be over for now, … Continue reading

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Second Leg of Rally Continues

 Prices continued higher going into the Holiday weekend as the second leg of the post-election rally continues. Indicators on the DOW daily chart are starting to show that the rally may be nearing the end of the move.  In the next few … Continue reading

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Who owns the Federal Reserve?

I was having a conversation the other night about the nature of our monetary system and the structure of the Federal Reserve.  He was surprised when I revealed that the Federal Reserve was not truly a government organization and that it as owned … Continue reading

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DOW 19,000

The market hit all-time highs today as the post-election rally continues. Based on the charts, it is a possibility that this rally is being fueled by money flowing out of the bond market and into equities.  It is my opinion that the … Continue reading

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Rally’s Second Move

The second move of the postelection rally continued today.  May see the rise continue tomorrow.  However, I expect the market to flatten as Thanksgiving approaches.  After the holiday I would not be surprised to see profit taking near the end of … Continue reading

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Is Trump the New Jackson?

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump has attacked Federal Reserve Chairwomen for “doing political things” by keeping interest rates low. In response to Donald Trump’s statements, Janet Yellen today announced before Congress that she would not resign as Chairwomen until her … Continue reading

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